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In 2013, when Instagram was just taking off, I supported my photographer husband in growing his online presence, specifically in the fashion and photography industry. Over the last 10 years, what started out as scouting for locations and helping with social posts in my spare time has progressed into a full-time career as a highly experienced social media manager and producer. I have a deep understanding of the social media landscape thanks to being an active participant in its evolution over the past decade and working the last five years as a full-time social media manager for an international heritage brand.


Beyond social media, I’ve been honored to produce and assist with many photoshoots over the past decade and have grown to love the organization and creative aspects of the process. I love telling stories and supporting campaigns while avoiding the “in your face” ad feeling. I value brands that put people first, who have heart and integrity stitched into their products and behaviors. I thrive as a “stage mom,” ensuring that all permits and paperwork are completed/obtained and allow no detail to be overlooked.


When I’m not scrolling social media or producing content, you can find me outdoors backpacking or with my three dogs, roller skating or taking in a concert with my husband. I also devote my spare time to co-leading an all-women’s hiking group and am a firm believer in equity and inclusivity in the outdoors.


Prior educational and career experiences have allowed me to grow as a business owner, project manager, people manager and educator. From owning my own massage business to creating curriculum and teaching college-age students, I am a well-rounded creative and business professional with the unique skills and insights to hit the ground running and foster brand engagement in a fast-paced and competitive industry.

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